5 Expensive Ecommerce Shipping Software Mistakes You Make

Choose a Shipping Strategy for Your Ecommerce Shipping Software

There are a few common shipping mistakes that can cost you a lot of money! Here are 5 expensive shipping mistakes you probably make!


Ecommerce shipping software mistakes such as using too much packing, selecting the wrong service level, not researching what it will cost to ship a specific item, can cost you and your business a lot of money.

There are some shipping software problems are easy to avoid. With a little care and planning, you can make sure your business doesn’t commit these deadly errors:

  • Not considering flat rate shipping – An ecommerce store pays a certain price to ship a box regardless of what the package weighs or how far the destination is, when it comes to domestic flat rate shipping services. These flat rate shipping services have certain advantages such as free boxes, fast delivery, predictable shipping costs regardless of the zone, competitive rates, and are suitable for small and heavy products.
  • Using flat rate shipping only – The flat rate shipping is great, however, that kind of shipping is not going to solve all of your shipping problems. What are we trying to say is that flat rate shipping is not always the best and the least expensive way to ship.
  • Use the wrong packaging – All popular carriers in the US use this rule to decide if you will pay for the package by its dimensional weight or by its weight. There are some items that cost more than you think and the package you choose for a certain shipment can have a huge impact on how much the shipment will cost to send to your buyer.
  • Wrong product specifications – Just imagine a buyer picks out a few items from the store, add those items to the shopping cart, and finally, ends up on the checkout page. If your website is like most online stores, the buyer will be offered some shipping options, When the shopper chooses a shipping option, you are guaranteeing the shipping rate. If this information is wrong, your ecommerce shipping software will give the wrong price for shipping which can cost your business more money.
  • Fail to validate customer address – An incorrect or mistyped address mean that the shipment will never make it to the buyer. The package will be delivered to the wrong address. Your customer will be upset and he will probably ask for a refund.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can keep your customers happy and satisfied, and your sales up!

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